Alright,you have some pretty messed up version of what you think vampires are. We can't turn you. We don't have red eyes or go around biting people. Really kids? If that's what you believe you need a serious reality check. Message me if you want info on real vampires.
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hello im asking for your help to help me become a vampire


"Really kids?"
-is a kid-

Thank you for your comment. Your sarcasm and trolling will be noted.

If your dithering, unfathomably unintelligent Im-A-Big-Kid posts didnt make me laugh so hard I'd go tell you to spend an afternoon on google and discover the meaning of sarcasm.

Thank you for your comment. Your rude *** responses will be noted.

*** responses :,)

Is there any reason your profile says 70+ years old male yet your profile picture is a teenage girl? Do you feel like a big kid using fancy words to try to insult me? Cute,hun.

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I have some questions about vampires do they reproduce
2.what do they feed on vampires have fangs can you tell a vampire apart from a human

I always answer from my personal experience. So other people may have different answers.
1. I was born this way.
2. I have a donor.
3. Not in this realm unless they are fake.
4. It can be a little hard for humans but the eyes and the feeling you get around them it usually a slight indicator.
Hope that helps.

Please,turn me into a vampire.I need it.That's only way for me... is the last!Tell me what must I do because I need a real vampire...just help me,please !

Do not ask for that. It will not happen.

Oh, So no red eyes ? And you CAN'T turn people!? What a big shock.

Stop trolling.

Im sorry love , Its not trolling its sarcasm, When I read your first post I believed you were real, But then I read these. Vampires are not born, They do not reproduce, And they sure as hell CAN turn people. No offence, But thats how it is.
I am here out of boredom.

Boredom is how I got here. My bloodline is that much like a human. We reproduce but can not turn people. As far as I know and until have absolute proof that we can or can not,I will stick with what I know.

The red eyes is just a rumor spread by hunters, Like i'm a target to the hunters because I meddle with their hunting! Who thinks people who hunt vampires are idiots.. Meh!

Hahahahah there are hardly any hunters. They would kill you anyway. You make me laugh sir.

Thats where the "Arrow to the knee" quote comes from
But it was Tomahawk to the knee

Oh, I want to know :) Please tell me ^_^

message me, i can't message you

wow, do they seriously think we have red eyes? wouldnt that be a tad obvious

Right? Stupid works of fiction.

there would be angry mobs at every red eyed household, poor albinos

XD to true.

so discriminating, human kills someone and they get sent to a mental ward but when we do it GRAB THE PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES

Personally,i dislike humans. A certain few I can stand but most...shouldnt inhabit this earth.

Sorry that if you hate my kind (a human)... :( But i'm full of questions..
1.Are vampires mortal?
2.How do they look like?
3.Do they suck blood and love it?
4.Do they have supernatural strength and speed?
5.Do they have to avoid crosses, garlic, light etc?
6.Do they need to put herbs in water before they drink or touch it?
7.So what eye color do they really have?
8.Are you a real vampire?
Sorry for asking so many questions kind miss but I'm still young and obviouly curious.. ^_^ Thank you!

message me

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Finally a real vampire.

inbox me i wanna know what u think we r

I would like to know more, but I couldn't message you :(

Most of that is from twilight saga lol if that was true the red eyes part then i think humans could tell i know i would but anyway i can't inbox you but i would like to know will you inbox me plz

yeah that would be incredibly obvious. have you heard of contacts? some people wear them so you can't tell they need glasses, were as others use them for dressing up parties or in some cases, movies/films/theatre. they come in an arrey of different colors. although, if you watch/read twilight (my freinds wouldn't stop complaining untill i agreed to watch it), bella wears contacts, when she was turned, to mislead her father into thinking she was still human...and it was convincing. (no offence but im not watching that film again, even if my life depended on it. its ruined everything!!!)

thankyou for the above comment i won't go into my family and me, we don't hurt people and we don't turn people. Its not nice to have visions or pysically feel someone elses pain. I can only talk from a none human perspective as i did die etc. All i can say is when me or my family form a bond with a human we help them,protect them and sometimes visit them.

you are no more a vampire than i am.

All right. You sound like you know more things about vampires. And you used "WE", so you're considering yourself as one of the vampires? I wanna know more things about them. I tried to add u up but your account is restricted.

got any messages yet? :)


they lurve vamps XD

Most have a twisted perseption of my brothers and sister.

well that shut me up :D what do you expect from humans? they have always been like this and they always will!

I'm quite aware.

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