Life As a Vampire

Life as a vampire would be incredible. Live for centuries learning about so many different cultures, roaming around without attachments. I would embrace life as a vampire.

Nyxx Nyxx
22-25, F
5 Responses Apr 9, 2009

Well you'd eventually run out of safe food supply with all the STDs people have anymore. Unless you're going with blood ties vampires, then you're safe. <br />
Besides what happens when the Apocalypse comes? haha I'd rather die so I wouldn't have to endure the stupidity of the human race any longer than I have to. ha.

i dont want to be a downer but vamps only live about another 40 years or so than humans your almost not diffrent at all alittle stronger faster and u want blood witch can very easly be controled sorry didnt mean to burst your bubble.

Grams, there are humans that take creatures' lives every day to feed the world.<br />
When it comes to "feeding" are vampires and humans really that different (other than the obvious blood thing)? :)

Sucking the life out of a living creature, hummmm, doesn't sound inviting to me... I run from emotional vampires, you know the ones that suck the life out of you emotionally.. She runs holding a big Cross....

I thought about that when I watched interview with the vampire. I would have to live off the animals though. It would be cool to live that long and can never be hurt or die.