Yes Or No?

Well Basically i just hate the that im eating Dirty Things on animals..i love animals..and knowing im EATING one is bothering me... Well i Want to be a Vegetarian  but like i dont know..i find it sorta hard becuz my house is FULL of Meat Eaters..

i Dont want to be the Odd One
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I know a girl (17 years) who came home one day and said to her mother: "I don't want to eat meat anymore."<br />
Then one of her brothers said: "I have the same idea". Her mother answered: "Well, if this is the case, I don't want to make two different meals at the same day."<br />
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The next thing that happened is, that mother, father, two brothers and the girl became vegetarian.<br />
This happened moren than 30 years ago. Father is 93 years old, mother is 89 and everyone is still vegetarian.

I know what you mean about being the odd one out. Only one person I know (not in my family) can understand why I would want to go vegetarian, everyone else doesn't get it. Thanks for making this group!

That sounds like a tough situation. My family is a bunch of rabid carnivores, but I've long since moved out of home, so I don't have too many problems on that front.<br />
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One thing you could do is look into finding meat substitutes. There are some fantastic bung-in-the-microwave meat replacements that mean you could still eat everything your family eats, except for the meat. You'd just eat the faux!meat. Like vege sausages for example.<br />
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It's certainly an easy place to start!

Well you may be the odd one in the house but there are many others like you so no need to feel weird. Plus you are doing what you believe in so what is more important. What you feel or what others think of you. Be your own person.