Meat...not So Good For Me

I am having the hardest time making the switch, for two main reasons. First is that I currently live at home and every meal here consists of not just meat but almost primarily meat (seriously, steak and crab and no veggie to go with it), second is just a matter of willpower, which frustrates me because I just need to tell myself not to eat meat when I can help it, but I don't always do that. I crave meat sometimes. But I usually don't feel good after I eat it. I have this gross feeling in my stomach and body. I also have a lot of problems with the meat industry and the living conditions  of animals/livestock. Anyway, I am moving out of the parents house in a few months and I have no reason not to go vegetarian, esp. since I love fruits and veggies and soy milk already. It's just a matter of not giving into my cravings for certain meat dishes....also whenever I try to eat vegetarian outside of the home (since that's the only place right now that I can) it ends up being expensive, I need to learn how to shop vegetarian without spending so much.
P.S. I hate how vegetarians are automatically classed as "bleeding heart liberals" or hippies or what you will, especially among my circle of family and acquaintances. This is a personal decision for me that has mostly to do with my health and my personal feelings on eating animals.
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2 Responses Jun 12, 2007

Wow, and I thought my family was bad! I was a real carnivore when I lived at home, but at least we had a vegetable or two. I am not a good vegetarian in the classic nutloaf and beans diet. But what I can tell you is that there are PLENTY of meat substitutes and if you hunt around and experiment, you will come across replacements for your meat dishes. I love my vegetarian mince, my vegetarian sausages, my vegetarian faux-chicken burgers, my vegetarian faux-beef burgers. They're not exactly the same, but it makes me happy to be able to eat what I used to like and still be vegetarian. Also do some googling of seitan and tempeh. Certain bhuddist cultures have spent years perfecting the art of false meat, made from wheat gluten and soy. When I first found that stuff, I refused to eat because it was so much like meat! Anyway, feel free to message me if you have questions. Good luck! u Should go there and See the Menu Ha..Vegetarian Style...No But seriously that's a Good way 2 Start...Just see Tasty meals..and Hopefully ur Cravings wont kick in..Good Luck ^_^