I Strive to Be Like Ruth

In the Book of Ruth It starts out with Naomi and her two daughter in laws in extreme sadness ...Naomi had lost not only her husband but had lost her two sons as well ... It was custom for women of different tribes to go back to there families to be taken care of ...The other daughter in law went back however Ruth chose to Go with Naomi because she wanted to take care of her and follow her God .... So they went back to her tribe when the people saw them coming they Said could that be naomi ??? and Naomi replied  do not call me Naomi because the Lord had made my life bitter call me Mara instead . So she and Ruth settled in and Ruth went to work in the Fields ran by a man named Boaz  and in this tiime period men could rape women if they wanted to and there was no punishment but Boaz saw Ruth and had heard what she had done for Naomi And ordered no one to touch her ...right away he had a bond to Ruth ...Later on in the chapter Naomi tells Ruth how to offer herself in Marriage to Boaz So she prepped herself and went to where he was sleeping and laid on his feet ( it was an act of honor because it kept his feet Warm ) Boaz told Ruth that there was one kinsman redeemer ahead of him and he had the right to marry her before he did and that he would take care of it the next day and ruth left before anyone else woke up so she would not be seen Boaz sent her back with Food to take to  Naomi ..The next day he went to the town and spoke to the next in line and he said he could not marry her because he was already married i believe So Boaz could marry her if he chose ...So they got married and  ended up having a baby .....So to sum this up The book of Ruth shows us that if we follow Gods will and let him guide us in the end for every sorrow or downfall we have .... if we are faithful to him he will turn our sorrow into Joy ...  Like he did for Naomi because she had lost her  two sons should have lost her Daughter in law whom she loved as a daughter But Ruth was Faithful and put all her trust in God and he in the end blessed them both ...

To me that is amazing .... I couldnt even imagine how scared she must have been But she left it up to God.

And that is what i aspire to do ...To let God lead me where he wants me to be .....and it is so hard to not take it in my own hands because we were born with free will  

starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Mar 17, 2007