Werewolves are among us, every night, even during the day. They lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike.

I myself want to be a real life Werewolf, my time will come sometime, I do know it will. To any real Werewolves that read this, I am not a human asking or begging to be bitten, I am just looking and searching on different methods to become one, I am not going to be stupid and put my phone number here. I do know I am one, but my time has not come yet.

And to the non-believers, screw off. If you don't believe, leave. Just because you havn't seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And don't say science can solve everything <.< It can solve many things, but not everything...
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I will turn you

I am only part werewolf but thats enough to tell me how the pure bloods are suffering. Did you think that being a werewolf is fun and game. Not around humans no i am forced to protect these bipedal creatures than call themselves people . It is a matter of conceal don't feel and stay human or you'll end up abducted .


*sigh* we don't lurk in the shadows...I for one, hold a perfectly normal day job at a law firm, I'm an assistant. Also you cant be turned into a werewolf, if you aren't one already, it just isn't possible, as no virus, or bacteria, nor even a retrovirus can implement the changes, and adaptations that the werewolf form requires. If you need a better explanation of why this is, I'm happy to oblige. you just won't be a werewolf, doesn't mean being a human isn't good enough.

I have been bullied all my life about believing in werewolves I used to draw them and paint them then when I heard about spells and rituals I researched but I don't trust them I know they exist they are just hiding in the shadows

this is true ive never wanted anything more than to be a werewolf