Once I Get My Milk Supply Up, I Would Love Nothing More Than To Wet Nurse

I would love to find a family that would like/appreciate having a wet nurse for their baby. This has always been on my bucket list, and something that I WILL accomplish soon! I have always loved babies, and to share that bond and all that goes along with the benefits of breast milk will be great. I can't wait! I also plan to donate to milk banks as well. :)
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2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

:) <3

That's great you'd love to nourish a baby, but would you also like to nurse an adult ? I must admit that I'd LOVE to get nursed from a woman as it must be so bonding and comforting. As an adult I'd LOVE to get nursed, even dry nursed and it must be so nice to feel your warm breast in my mouth and latch on your hard nip. I also have many dreams about that and I fantasize much about this to happen, it even excites me to imagine getting nursed.