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What Is A True Freak?

First let's find an "Official" definition:
freak 1  (frk)
1. A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular: A freak of nature produced the midsummer snow.

2. An abnormally formed organism, especially a person or animal regarded as a curiosity or monstrosity.

3. A sudden capricious turn of mind; a whim: "The freaks of the psyche can no more be explained than the Devil" (Maurice Collis).

4. Slang
a. A drug user or addict: a speed freak.

b. An eccentric or nonconformist person, especially a member of a counterculture.

c. An enthusiast: rock music freaks.


You all probably know where I'm going with all of this. For some reason lately I've been on a tangent with "F" words. Check my recent blog post!
I guess I was looking for some good in the definition of "freak". Being a child of the 60's, freak of course was not entirely a bad term.
Looking at the definition above from "The Free Dictionary" the slang "b" definition certainly refers to the 60's lifestyle.
The number two definition brings me to a couple other "F" words. These two are fear and faith.
Being viewed as a "curiosity" will be overcome by education from the transgendered world.
Being viewed as a "monstrosity" is completely ugly and brings back one story in particular. The Tennessee legislator who wants to "stomp a mud hole" in any trans woman or trans man who seemingly threatens him.
His story evokes fear in me and probably some of you too on some level.
The fear however is a powerful motivator for me. 
"Fear" leads me to my final "F" word-"fire".
Fear fires me up to have faith in myself. In my own small way, I'm trying to add my own definition  to the dictionary: 
When you call me a freak, I do operate in a gender flux situation which could in turn confuse or educate you.
Just don't be the monstrosity when you find out who I am. My faith will overcome your fear.

cyrsti cyrsti 61-65, T Feb 8, 2012

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