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Trans Not Gay?

Has the transgendered nation earned the right to ask or demand our release from the so called LBGT umbrella?
In reality how did we end up there anyhow? Must have been one hell of a rainstorm?
Isn't our mantra "sex is between the legs and gender is between the ears"?
Truthfully there are two factors which keep us under the leaky umbrella. The biggest truth is we as a trans nation don't have a powerful enough national organization to effect change. To make matters worse the trans community as a whole can't even quit bickering enough to accept each other.
A leaky umbrella has the potential to keep us dryer than none at all.
The other truth is so many of the trans community are still in the closet or are out and living stealth. I'm not throwing rocks in a glass closet because I'm not totally out.
Here's an idea for our own trans umbrella. We could call it the TTC.-Transsexual/Transgendered/Crossdresser Alliance. Of course the cross dressers would have less of a voice because as a group they are less vocal and the transsexuals would have a bigger voice since they have gone through more pain and expense.
It doesn't matter because as they say in the old country "Hey dude, that ain't happenin"!
I know what you are thinking  "Put your actions where your words are". Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge or the resources to even know how to start such an undertaking. I just do the best I can with my little blog in the vast Internet universe.
On the other hand the whole situation frustrates and even angers me.
The bottom line is the transgendered nation will probably remain mired in petty internal disputes unlike the others under the umbrella.  Is there a pecking order in the male gay community if you are an effeminate or macho gay guy . In the lesbian community do butches consider themselves better than femmes? Probably not to the extent transsexuals have the tendency to build their own pedestals in trans nation.
So maybe we don't deserve more room under the umbrella until we grow up and attempt to understand each other first. How can we ask for acceptance when we don't even accept each other?
cyrsti cyrsti 61-65, T 4 Responses Feb 16, 2012

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dr. iora gruber in reno the lesbian gay commmunity in expanding chose to include transsexuals the dirty litttle secret-they have litttle in commmon- also gay and lesbians are respected by the straight community transgenders are in the back of the bus try to come to terms with that but you probably know it-ira

What it will take Cyrsti is somehow being able to come together as the "gays" did and get the media to cover us getting in the faces of the public. I would imagine the "shame" we feel is the same as it was for the gays when they were coming out so it certainly isn't easy. Nothing worth while ever is.

Yes, somehow is the key term. certainly the shame is the same but our community is so segmented and dominated by trans nazi's or not influenced by stealth folks!

H8rs have no place in any society

It's not a LOT different than just being a crossdresser. If the other one who's looking at you is not a crossdresser, he, out of ignorance, condemns you, and/or sometimes attacks physically. The world is full of people who refuse to even consider walking in the shoes of another.