My Fantacy By Raju 2

Evening i went to beauty parlour wearing a green churidaar and black slex.
i was fearing a little what will happen if someone identify me?
but i was lucky enough. No body could identify me as a male. shopkeeper asked- Mam, would you like to go with latest fashion in nails. she attached little stones on my nails after applying nail polish.
later went to jwellery shop,. i had my papa's debit card unfortunately which he was forgotten and i hide it from him.
a young boy pierced my nose and fix a white stonned nose stud on my left nostrill,. he applied some medicine and prescribed few more. i pierced my ears and he said it will take no more time because it was burnt piercing. i will be able to wear anything after four days. i became happy.
My nose stud was looking so cute that i could not resist myself to look again and again in mirror when i was purchaging blouse.
i went to trial room and then wored it.
it were truthfool boobs with water filled baloons.
then i went to sandle section. my hair were looking nice,. it were a little curly wig.
everyone was looking at me vigorously which i lked much.
that night after returning home i slept not in sister's nighty because now i had my own, late night i went to terrase and saw all over roofs, people were resting there with there beloveds.
i felt sorry for that.
but next day i was happy again. i cleared utensils and after bath saw myself in mirror, it was shining a lot, i felt a little pain in my nostrill, it gone red. i day out in top and jeans. and went to a cafe, my hair were just looking nice, a youg girl even commented on them- hey! they are just looking nice. kareena's fashion huh?
i smiled.
four days had passed. now i feared my family members would reach any day.
everyday i was trying all stuff of my sisters and mother. it was a dream come true.
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Jun 11, 2012