I Enjoyed Attention From Men, At First That's All I Thought It Was

And yet I am not gay not when I am Steven anyway. But when I'm Karen men become interesting and I enjoy their company, their smell, their touch. Funny huh
It started when I was four my earliest memory is sneaking into my parents bedroom at night and pinching some Knicks and tights, putting them on and then going to sit on the loo to pee. I remember it made me feel a bit woozy with excitement but also just so wonderful. Later, in my mid teens I would go out at night around my home town of ashington in uk and look to get picked up by guys in their cars. I have a lovely feminine voice, great legs and a lot of guts so I would always bluff my way through that I had just got my period and, if they tried to go inside my top, that my boobs were a bit sore. I always gave them a good time in other ways though and they never complained. It felt good being treat as a girl and knowing I was being desired as Karen and for a few years I thought that's what it was- chasing girls as Steve and being chased by men as Karen.
But eventually I realised it was more than sexual desires. I told a few friends and started meeting up with them for coffee or shopping and completely relaxed into the role of a woman I always should have been. Like many I played the male role, joined in the male lifestyle, the guy chat and all if that but it was just a very good act. As Karen I am comfortable, relaxed, thoughtful, kind, happier and me. Some days I feel pretty other days I want to put a bag over my head but mostly I am just me
I have one life and trying my best to finally live it as I want
It's taken 40 years but there you go!
I look forwards. And that includes surgery and hopefully someone to share my life, my laughs and my bed. Whether that's a man or woman I don't know as long as they're my soulmate and either way I will have fun trying to choose I hope!!
Karen Louise McCall xx
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Fabulous sweetie

hey, great post
hope all is going well