Cant Stand It

Im a Daddy, a Father, a Dad, a partner, a husband, a lover, but inside of me I'm a woman. It aches and burns at me, it hurts, churns my insides, makes me feel useless and then there are those rare times, when I am dressed as me, the real me, that it finally stops to hurt and I realise, "I want this, I want to be a woman".
I suppose my story is the same as many of you, I dont feel and have never felt I fit in. Im unhappy with my lot, actually thats not true, Im unhappy with my body. I look at it and wonder why its not the way it should be.
I feel stuck, confused and trapped, but want to hurt no-one. I am desperate to be more feminine, desperate to be a woman, dont know where to start, dont know where to turn, dont know what to do. In as short a phrase as I could come up with, "I cant stand it"
caitlanbalu caitlanbalu
Jan 8, 2013