Yes I finally did it. I shared My Secret 2 days ago. I carried this with me for over 30 years. After writing I laid on my bed and shook physically, it was the shock, I'd told someone, lots of people.

I've known from a young age, I've always been different, a loner, a softie, not macho at all, however hard I tried. Girls or now women have nearly always been friends rather than girlfriends or lovers.

I think this is why, I'm female in a male body. After years of denial I have been able to admit it. I've always felt guilty, ashamed, maybe even dirty and disgusted at myself and terrified somebody would find out.

But what now, I can stay as I am and continue living a lie, or do I act and do something about it. But if I do I can never truly have what I want and be complete.

I've more to tell, more to get off my chest and unburden myself and will do so. But for now I can say again, I truly want to be a woman and may have now found the strength and courage to become one.
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Good luck to you :-)

Proud of ya!!

Good for you honey. Good luck with everything