Does Anyone Else Get This.... Ache?

Between your legs..... you know, where your vagina would be if you had one. It's like.... I want to be stretched, to be filled, but there's just.... nothing there to be filled. (I mean sure there's the anus, but it's not the same...) Sometimes I press really hard where the vagina would be, hoping to feel what it would be like to get penetrated. It feels good, but I think that's just the pressure on my prostate... I want to be stretched and opened like a real woman.

And that flat crotch! Oh my god, that smooth penislessness. I always imagine running my hand all the way down from my bellybutton to my butt and feeling nothing but smoothness..... I imagine rubbing my flat crotch on things I never could as a guy because of those stupid sensitive testicles... or humping things and hearing them "clap! clap" against my crotch, but it doesn't hurt because I don't have balls anymore.

And then I could insert things.... experiment and see what kinds of things I could get into this newfound hole! You can experience so much more variety with a vagina than with a penis. The penis is simple and boring: fap it for a couple minutes and you're done. But with a vagina..... you can try different shapes, sizes, textures, depth, temperature....there's always something new and exciting to try, a new border to push.
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Yes, I think about not having male parts, and how it would feel to be a real woman.

Hey, I know i am extremely late posting-wise, but I believe I have a valid point to address personally. I feel the same way you do (or did, depending on how you feel now)! I am a relatively young male and I do not know how to tell my parents I want a sex change... Or... Something... I don't really know if I am committed yet. Nonetheless, I wish you luck in the future and I hope you made your decision decisively, because being like me and taking time makes one feel as if the time of their lives is being wasted in a body not wanted.
-Connor Rice

I can understand your feelings in a way, I am very tiny down there, its more like a clitoris,but i hate all that appendage,but one day when i have learned how to live and dress like a female, I will go for the cut.Just try and calm down and take one step at a time.
All the best of fortune to you


I think I am trapped with my little thing, I suppose it was meant for a clitoris, I live now as a woman though I did not cut it yet, not sure it is worth it, though again I want the full woman body