Getting Hit In The Crotch

I don't know if it's just me, but I get this incredible envy when a woman gets hit in the crotch, but it doesn't hurt because she doesn't have testicles. It's like, she can do something that I can't do because she's a girl. The experience is so much better for her.... I don't know why, but this turns me on. My mind thinks "I wish I could do that! I wish I had that! I wish I didn't have balls so I could do that too" but I know I never can...
By the way this is called "cuntbusting" and it's a very rare niche genre of p0rn, unfortunately.

A similar thing happens when a guy gets hit in the crotch and women are looking on with this kind of..... confused empathy? They feel bad for him, but they have absolutely no idea what he's going through..... and somewhere in the back of their mind, they're thinking "I'm so glad I don't have balls." And that just fills me with envy... I don't know why.
This is called "ballbusting" and it's a lot more popular.

Does anyone else feel this way, or am I just weird?
jimmyjohns33 jimmyjohns33
3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Wow, this guy IS delusional! Or just a complete moron with no knowledge about female anatomy. But I guess, whatever rocks your boat, eh?

If you didnt have balls yourself and therefore couldn't feel the pain, would you kick other guys in the balls?

I'm not a female, nor any sort of tranny, (and my apologies if that term offends anyone), but I can truthfully tell you that you can no more kick a female in the nethers and not cause pain than you could a male. We all have all the same nerve endings down there, they are merely packaged differently, respective of the gender. Don't fool yourself into thinking that that would be all rainbows and sunshine. Either way though male or female, take a kick to the squishy bits and you will most certainly see stars.