Mom Helps Son Turn Into Female

ever since I was a young boy my momma always catch me dressing in your panties in her bra and digging in her her lingerie drawereven like, catch me wearing her panties in her bra and dressing up in her girl clothesever since I was a young boy I've always wanted to be a girlsince a very young age my mom said that she would help me with this process she started taking me to the doctor to help me get on female hormones and the engine blocker to block my testosterone as as I've been taking these female hormones they have made my **** well beautifully to a nice 38 full C its hard its hard to hide my huge **** even in even if I wear tight spotr bra my favorite thing would be when I get a compliment from my grammar my mom letting me know that make my **** are developing nicewhenever I go over to my grandma's house should always leave bra and panties and lingerie in the bottom drawer in the bathroom for me sometimes we would even go shopping she made me feel really special in like a sissy girl that I wanted to beI am about 28 years old now I've been on hormones this whole time my mom help me make the appointment with the doctor today to get my castration done to really help me become the female I want to be...I will keep everyone updated
hollyfun1 hollyfun1 26-30, T Aug 19, 2013

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