Your'e Cute

I'm not sure this is a story but more a confession or more honestly me bragging but I'm happy about it so that's all that matters
Last night I went to a bar I quite frequently go to , nothing unusual , it's a gay bar and a lot of cd's and transgender get there cos its safe and they are left alone.There are the male predators as I call them but mostly they are to scared or shy to approach you
However , the point of my story is how many girls last night ( and a hand full of male predators) commented on how passable I was and how cute I looked . For a girl transitioning its nice to know and great for the confidence and good for the ego too.
So call it bragging I don't care but I woke up this morning ( alone as is my want) happy confident and even more ready to take on the world as I am
Dana1964 Dana1964
46-50, T
Jan 19, 2013