September 11, 2001

I lay awake hearing the cry of the small child next to me. I wonder how i could become as naive as she is. She will grow up not knowing her father. She will not remember his smile. She will not know his cradling arms that could have held her safely in his grasp. She will never know his adoring smile or the way he laughed. She will only know my memory of him.
I remember the last day. We were both limp and achey from the night of love making. His hands wrapped around my waist as I stood naked at the window. Kissing my neck his right hand slid in between my legs and spread them gently apart. Squeezing my waist i moan as his penius slides into me with force. In, out. In, Out. Harder and faster now and my hands are slapped against the glass. My breath makes a fog on the window and I moan again. Grunting he pulls out and turns me around. " I love much." Lifting me by the thighs he backs up and sits on the bed. On top my body rolls with a motion that sends his eyes back in his head. Leaning forward his hands slide down to my buttocks and push me forward. Rolling over the edge of the bed he lands on top of me now. Thrusting into me. The erection cuts deep into my lower stomache and I feel light headed. Moans and grunts are all I hear because my eyes have gone blurry. Slamming me to the floor and laying on top of me, fully now, i can feel his buttocks flexing. Slower now, he **** into me and we conceive our daughter. At this I moan and he grunts until the vibration is gone.
Heading out the door I kiss my husband goodbye. How could I know it would be the last time? About a half hour later i hear, BOOM!!! DROP!!! PUUUU!!! Nothing. Pure silence. I look out the window and see the twin towers going down. The towers that held my husband and his office in the saftey of their steel frames.
I just cry with her now. We cry until we sleep....and I will become naive.

hevi26 hevi26
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010