I Love You With A Side Of Food Poisoning.

My boyfriend and I have had an interesting relationship. Long story short: dated for a year and a half, broke up because of parent drama, were separated for under a year and then got back together. Now, since we don't have a "monthiversery", we just pick a day once a month, or once every two months depending on how broke we are, to go on a nice date. A couple nights ago we went out to an upscale restaurant and our city park afterwords. After we got done eating, he kept commenting on how full he was and joking about how he needed to sit down and "digest". I thought it was a little weird, considering how much he ate (half an appetizer and a smaller than usual entree, which isn't much for him. He's one of those lucky teenage boys who is as skinny as stick but can eat like an elephant), but neither of us were too concerned. Anyways, after a while of walking around the park he started to get really uncomfortable. He complained of stomach pain and he was sweating a lot. I got really worried about him and asked if he needed to go home. He protested for a while but eventually he relented. We arrived at the car and he finally, grudgingly, admitted "I think I need to go to the bathroom". Now, at this point most people would laugh and mock endlessly, but being lactose intolerant I have had my fair share of digestive issues so I empathized immediately and I was the last person to find the situation funny, at least at the time. As he drove us back to his house, he became increasingly uncomfortable and embarrassed. He kept apologizing. I felt terrible that he felt terrible, but I did not want him to be embarrassed because I knew how he felt. I told him not to worry about it and to just focus on getting home and feeling better. I distracted him with pointless babbling and random conversation. I knew he was pretty distraught about the whole issue but he kept saying how much he liked me for being so understanding. By the time he got home he was extremely distressed and asked me not to tell anyone and I agreed.I told him to just forget about me for a while so he could go, well, you know. I hung out on his computer for a while as he relieved himself and changed his clothes. After his first run through in the restroom he came out, more humiliated then ever, and we agreed it was time for me to go home for he was now into the throwing up stage of what we figured was probably food poisoning. About ten minutes later we pulled into my driveway and he continued to thank me for being so understanding. I tried to convince him that he shouldn't be embarrassed but i doubt he ever got over that. After a few awkward moments, I finally gathered up my nerves, kissed him on the cheek and said "its ok, I still love you" He laughed and said something that I don't remember, but didn't say it back. As I realized that he wasn't returning the emotion, my insides began to freak out and I knew that I was about to spend the rest of my evening crying into a bucket of ice cream, but on the outside I played it impressively cool. I laughed at his joke, said something witty and began to wish him goodnight while exiting his car. Before I even got my entire foot out though, he grabbed my hand and stopped me, "anonymous", he said, "I love you too." Once again, my insides did a funny little dance and I knew that the ice cream in my freezer had just turned into celebratory dessert rather than a grieving bowl of lost hope, but I played it cool on the outside. I smiled at him, told him I hoped he felt better, kissed him and went into my house. All in all, I thought it was a pretty successful date. :)
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18-21, F
Jul 15, 2012