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Don't worry, be happy.

Don't worry, be happy.

When I was ten years old, my uncle had a little poster in his room. I still remember the big yellow smiley face sitting right in the middle of it with an inscription that was so simple yet to cryptic to my mind: "Don't worry be happy".
As a new student of English I was just starting to grasp the meanings of words. In my eagerness to decipher the each sentence I would come across, I had often repeated those words in my mind. Don't worry be happy" What could it mean?. Like a lesson which would reluctantly yield understanding upon first reading it, I repeated the words over and over to memorize them. I rehashed the words every chance I got trying to figure out what deeper meaning could such words have.
The words themselves seem so trivial to me, I could not for the short life i had lived fathom why my uncle would have such an inscription on his grown up person's wall. 
It seemed to me that there was a little more to the big smiley face than I could gather.So, I tried with all the might of my ten year old intellect to probe   the question until I reached a satisfactory explanation for myself.  Somehow I would stare at the framed poster, all eight by ten of it and the simplistic phrase would taunt me and haunt me. I could never make it out. I finally just forgot, overtaken by the more pressing issues of my dawning teenage years.
Years later, I'm sitting in my car listening to a Bob Marley CD and a song comes on: "Don't worry be happy".Suddenly, memories flood back and I remember my uncle's poster. The meaning is now inescapable as bright light of the sun outside my window. When hard times befall us, we all need a little encouragement to keep a positive outlook on life. That was the point of the poster, and it is still, years later. 


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yes this is a great thought if everyone would just do it!!