Want To Do Something I'm Not Very Good At! :(

I always wanted to write a story. In school (Elementary) I was always writer of the month! My teacher always loved my stories :)
In middle school I was to shy to be put out there! I wrote a story once and my teacher LOVED IT! She even mentioned something about it! I was so embarrassed!
The thing about me, is that I am into sort of things I'm not to sure people are into, another thing... I'm not very good at catching anyone's attention. Also my grammar is HORRIBLE! People like reading all intellectual books... I read a book and I get lost, my vocabulary is horrible as well.
But someday I will LOVE TO make a life story book or a suspense type novel :)
wendysosa wendysosa
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

i think your a good writer

you're to nice :)

start writing everyday in a journal.. you can always do it on a computer and use a spell checker and grammer checker.. just because you don't have the tools to write (good grammer and spelling).. does not mean that you don't have the gift.. obviously multiple people have told you that you are a good writer.. go for it prettty lady.

thank you :) appreciate it! <3 <3 <3