Heres The First Tradegy Fairytale..

Once there was a "girl" named A****a she was a mistake born unto two teens who forgot about protection. They brought fourth a girl 6 lbs born at 10:00 pm **** 1st 2***.
They brought her home the next day and hated her and her crying for food and a diaper change so they fed her 3 times a day and changed her diaper almost never making her bottom bleed .They never slept and never cared for her this poor helpless baby sat on the floor and cried and cried wanting love and wanting her basic needs like maybe a bath ? . One day they decided to take her outside and mow the lawn ... Then the mother looked the neglected baby in the eyes and held her cooing at her until
" Hey!, Put her down!" the drunk daddy screamed grabbing her legs while the mommy pulled at her arms letting the baby slowly pull a muscle before a stranger saw and stopped them taking the baby away and calling the cops... That was the last they saw the baby and they split up the mom went to jail making the baby come and visit but this baby also had a sister who was 2 at the time and she went through this too they both visited the mother in prison walking through the prision halls screaming and crying as they was inmates never being able to unsee it they stopped going and kept with their new mommy but still visiting their drunken dad on weekends they also stopped because dreaming about this "Man " kidnapping you was a sign from God they stopped for 2 years keeping close to their loving and unpredicting new and loving family which was a dream ...
Years went on they met their daddy again and they hated it they went for their first time and watched their daddy get stabbed coming into this grungy apartment with a sword in his stomache was horrible so the once 2 year old went home and never came back
but the "baby" of this visited on christmas day to visit her daddy at age 7 and was scared looking into her dads eyes knowing he was a bad man shoved her finger in her thoat when she was alone and threw up them and only then going home never to return. And she and her sister grew up as trouble children at age of 12 being stabbed by her older sister making her leave then this once little baby grew depressed and bullied wanting out of this world but never did because she found her peasent like aladin and they lived happily ever after while her sister , daddy, and mom sat in jail...
Deadlylovely13 Deadlylovely13
Dec 9, 2012