I want to be a writer and an inspiration... Do you wanna hear a common story if not stop. What you are doing and move on but if you wan't to hear my story ( its very short) please continue

Once there was a girl/ boy who .. Well he/she was unnoticed and sometimes unloved they fell for the wrong people and often thought of suicode but instead cut themselves .. Now he/she was aware of how stupid it was and thought out the pros and cons .. But decided nobody would care he/she were often bullied and became depressed reaching out to anybody within reach their weak arms tried to connect as they fell They knew it was all over this boy who had perfect eyes and hair with a body anybody could love no matter what size and this girl who starved herself skinny or fat... Just so she could fit in .., They were only kids, not knowing whats out in the world yet, not knowing that someone whether it would be years or months, they never knew someone really did love them or want to be their best friend .. So they both gave up continuing on with this depresssing patter leaving these people to fall into the same patter as depressing as it was.its happening now And The pattern is continuing.
Deadlylovely13 Deadlylovely13
Dec 13, 2012