When Did You Know?

I don't know when I knew. It's like I just always have. When I was little of course I had the ambition of every other little girl in the world to become a princess or a nurse or a teacher, but it's like the word author was always stuck in the back of my mind. I have always told stories with so much detail, but I never wrote anything down until I was ten. When I was eight I wrote my first poem, but after that I did not even pick up another pen for a year! In forth grade, when I was nine,  I won a contest with a poem I wrote. Now I look at the poem and think, "My God, my writing is so different now!" In fifth grade when I was ten, I wrote a poem for my grandfather after he died, after that I was hooked! I carried a notebook and pen around with me everywhere I went! In sixth grade my notebooks were full of poems, and ideas for books and stories.  Then by the time I was twelve I started to write songs, and I even started to share my work. Now I am in seventh grade and all I want to be is an author. You can't catch me without a notebook and pen now! I have at least five notebooks full of my writing; poems, short stories, songs, I'm even working on a novel! My friends, Bethany, Hayley, and I write stories back and forth through email. Most of them are knock-off's of other stories or movies, but the characters are all are own! We have a story running for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, we have a story running for the 1986 movie, The Labyrinth, we have a story for Pirates of the Caribbean, then one we made up about four girls, each being able to control an element. Earth, for Hayley, fire, for Bethany, water, for Marah, and air, for me! I love writing so much, and everyone I know thinks that I can make it. I'm just putting this story out here, not really for anything. If you like then you could leave a comment telling me how you decided you wanted to become an author!

redupp redupp
13-15, F
Feb 21, 2010