This Is a Dream Goal

  Ive always wanted to be a female wrestler ....  but in the midst of depression and drug use as a teenager and  being told   "you cant do this  or that or this  and by all means youll never be able to do that " i gave up ..... let it vanish ...  now im 26 yrs old and think if i had  just been  more persistent and didnt let the negativity  get to me ... maybe i could have made it ...  but my goal isnt necessarily to make it in the WWE   its just to have that confidence to  feel like a diva ...  and to go to Ovw the local wrestling school ...  at least to try it ...  im exercising  daily , trying to quit smoking ,  drinking lots of water , i keep  upping my water intake and decreasing my smoking Daily ...  im ready to move beyond addiction to cigarettes and  caffeine.  and to feel good about myself .. about the way i look , the choices i make and to be able to complete a goal would just up lift me  so much ....  and to be able to look at the people who said you can't  and be like yes i can  i have  and i will continue to do it .....  so thats my story and my dream !!!!  thanks for stopping by
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6 Responses Feb 24, 2007

Don't let the negativism hold you back, now! GO FOR IT! You'll feel better for trying in the end, and at least know you have accomplished something you've wanted to for years. Sometimes it can take me literally years to accomplish some goal I want, so keep trying, and you'll make it. ;-)

keep reaching for your goal. Have been a WWE fan for many years

I've fallen back and working towards restarting my goals .... Its been a long few months for me . but i hope to get back on track by january . Thank you all so much for your comments

I wish I had your self disipline. I know for a fact I'm too lazy to change my diet and start exercising more in order to do it. Plus the fact I live in the UK might be a problem!

you can totally do it, and i'll be at wrestlemania holding up the sign! (or in some basement, i dont care, let me know!)

I hope you overcome all your battles.