It's a Dream of Mine.

Hi sorry adout my profile but my computer is messed up right now it says i am a male but i really am a female i'm a 26 year old wife and mother i have a 5 year old son and one on the way but ever sence i started watching wrestling i want to be a dive thay are so cool thay come out in thair sexy out fites people chearing them on thay can fight just as good as the guys cani just think it would be cool to go out there and fight an have people cheering you on and i like the clothes thay were but with a family it would be heard to do i thought adout wrighting them to see if i could be a diva for a day if i cant do it permnetly that would be the collest thing in the world.
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1 Response May 1, 2007

ya know you can go to wrestling school and do a local indie company The Hardyz actually had their own promotion ( 2 dif times ) that they built up themselves and look where they are !!!! Try it !!!