This Is One of my Personal Goals

My goal to become a better christian is going to be a goal that has to be continuous ...  it will never end because  We  being sinners are separated from God  by sin .... and we can never achieve perfection because there is sin in the world...  its all around us lurking and  ready to grab a hold of us ...  the things we can do to become better christians  is

a. knowledge is power... study the bible ...

b. Pray ... prayer is our link to God and know that he hears our prayers ...

c. witness ...  become a witness of Christ and share your faith with people as often as possible ..  you may change a life .

d. humble yourself...  never become  holier than thou ... God frowns on people thinking they are better Christians than others ... we are supposed to love thy neighbor like we love ourselves ..

 e.  follow the commandments not only are they common sense they are  the right way to live your life morally .

 I love to go to church ... and worship  it gives you a chance to know other people.. and know their experiences ... 

 I hope others  choose to join this group so we can all  support each other in our christian walk !!!!! 

 hope to hear from you guys soon <3



starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2007