Now I Just Have To Teach Myself How.

So last year when I took computer literature, it was a joke. The metal/ woodshop teacher taught the class.
He was the worst teacher ever. A good person but he should not have been teaching. We did EASY assignments that
not everyone even did. So he gave the chance for some people in the class to learn ALICE. Alice is an animation programming
system. He did not teach us it right. I taught myself and all we did was make easy 40 sec animations. Or longer.
For the rest of the year that was all I did. I wished I stuck with typing and not Alice.

But this teacher was pretty funny. He would talk in random accents. . .he seemed as high as a kite. . . .
One day he made the class stop everything and told us how to change a tire. Also his story about how he broke down and
had to change his tire. And how slow he had to drive, then QUIZZED us on it! FTW

Yeah but I will learn to type without looking someday;D
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Jul 25, 2010