A Few "coping Skills" Thar Really Work

I have these written on cards and read them several times a day. You have to believe them and work hard at it. Its just common sense. They have really helped me..

1. Think out of the box, question and challenge authority.
2. I practice patience, honesty, forgiveness and mindfulness.
3. It is what it is.
4. Respond, dont react. Think before you speak.
5. I can boost my self esteem and self confidence.
6. I set goals and achieve them.
7. I dont take things personally. I take it with a grain of salt.
8. I am respectful and aware of others feelings.
9. My emotions dont control me, I control them.
10. I have control over my impulsivity and anger.
11. I am compassionate, understanding and caring.
12. I take a step back and look from an outside perspective.
13. Feelings arent facts. Or tidal waves.
14. I think and act positively.
15. Appreciate, dont attach.
16. I sit with my feelings and acknowledge them.

Its so simple!
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Its a mental illness.

what do you mean "Borderline Personality"