What Else Is Fat Pig For?

I'm a fat **** who craves abuse by men. I was born of the humiliation and abuse of men. How many would love to abuse me? Oink oink oink
fatpiggywhore fatpiggywhore
31-35, F
5 Responses Feb 11, 2011

mmm too bad you aren't closer to me. I love to abuse a fat piggy ****

mmmmm, yummy *** flavored ****!

what he said then I would **** all over you I would **** in your ******* then I want you to drink the **** that came out of your *******

MMMMMM, that would be fun!!!!! Add some **** and it perfect.

I would give you the privilege of sucking my ****..let you slobber all over it...**** your mouth and throat ..then I might **** you in the ***..make you suck my **** somemore..then I would bend you over and **** your ***** while I **** your ******* with my thumb. And as I am about to shoot pull it out and shoot it on your face. That would be fun.