First Command

My mistress has given me her first command. she wants me to suck my first **** and get ****** too.
due to my culture being with a man is an absolute no no so this is very exciting and I do feel a bit nervous. ive never sucked a **** before or had my *** ******, but the idea really turns me on.
mistress wants me to suck a mans **** good, lick his balls and swallow all of his *** like a dirty ****. im also required to lose my anal virginity. my *** needs to be pounded and stretched.
I am required to take pics of this encounter or even film it to prove to my mistress I have done It.
this is only the first task and I cant wait to experience this, im sure my mistress has many things planned for me. hehehe after all I am a dirty muslim ****.

I just need to find a guy who is willing, if anyone is interested and you're in the uk. message me.
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1 Response Aug 21, 2013

This got me hard.