I Want To Be Accepted The Way I Am

I accept people as is, I dont try and change them. Constantly I notice that people are questioning the person I am and then that places doubts in my head, but they are stopped very quickly by myself because I have worked to hard to see the good in me to let people do this to me.

Its just random stuff, that people dont like so they need to inforce this on me,

I just want to be treated like I treat others and be accepted the way I am not judgement or made to feel like a freak because I think or do things differently,

I realise that this is probably not going to happen and try to accept it but when I didnt feel good about myself things like that would tear me down and I would drown in the fact that I was so different.

Natjik Natjik
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Thanks!! I feel the same just leave me the hell alone, I am not hurting anyone or being disrespectful to anyone, why the need to change me? <br />
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I only learnt a few years ago the motive behind most people wanting to change others it was because like you said to make them feel good about themself. Knowing this has helped to stay on top of things and laugh it off now.

my mantra is if you don'r kike me,fine but i am who i am ,i have been around judgmental people and all i can say is they must tear us down to feel good and justify themselves...the hell with them i accept you the way you are a friend here if you want one...

i know how you feel, i just say that i am a freak and proud!! i make ppl respect me the way i am or else they just have to leave me alone.