I Want To Be Admitted To Hospital

I've never been admitted to hospital (not as an adult anyway). The idea fascinates me, and I think I've romanticised it a little bit too. Everyone complains about it but it seems really lovely. Being cared for and having all the visitors, everyone is so worried about you. You don't have to do anything. You don't have to work, meals are brought to you. You can lay in bed all day. There is something 'physically' wrong with you, that everyone knows about. That would be nice. Everyone is always checking in on you. It is an absolute safe place. There are other patients there too. It is a completely controlled environment. I would love it. I hope I get my chance some day, as weird as that sounds.

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5 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I understand this completely, even though I've been in hospital and wanted nothing more than to get out at the time. I think it's something to do with wanting to put life on 'pause', no pressure...

I just wanna see all the awesome equipment. I probably know who makes most of it from all the time I spent on the eBay Business and Industrial sexxxion :-D

i didnt find the food that bad and after being there a few days u get used to the noise,just like hearing traffic,it doesnt bother some people

The food isn't that bad, plus you could always live off jelly and ice cream :)

It's bloody difficult to sleep in a hospital. People in and out, noise, light, that detracts from the experience a bit. And the food's not great either... but I hope you never get to find out in person M.