I Love My Mom

Am 15 year old my story i live with my mom in Egypt am sudaness i been living in Egypt since i was 1 year old my mom is an amazing mom she always try to get me everything i want no matter what happen she great i dont wanna leave her all i wanted is to travel from egypt and leave in better place it becoming bad over here i was in the biggest school in egypt but my mum didnt have enough money so i have to leave it and go to a school that i didnt liked and that hurt me cuz i didnt love my new school but i know she trying her best i have never travel out of egypt and i want to so bad my mom told she will let me travel for collage out of the country but i will have to wait 2 year more to go to collage and the next summer i will be going to dubia for the summer i dont if i will really go my mom is a single mom should make things hard something for her and am the only daughter she get but my mom but sometime is hard so she can afford things for me but she try she best all i wanted and asking God for is that we should have better life and travel for here that all i ever ask for !!! and thats my story
Soniabasher Soniabasher
13-15, F
Dec 14, 2012