I had this in my life and I want it back so bad.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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Awe Rog. I know you adore me. No sad faces allowed.<br />
<br />
Thanks ONW

I absolutly adore y'all....fungirlmmm....ma'am

:-) Poke poke.

Might it come true?

Awe thanks y'all!

lol, you know my thoughts too well!!!!! I can't get by with anything! <br />
Arthur, come on and get in line between us please and keep us out of trouble.

I dunno about your face - but I've always loved personality over looks - so if your self deprication were true - the only people that would step out of the "Adore FG" line weren't worth having in line in the first place.<br />
<br />
Hush up SF - I got both when i married you.

Come on up with me arthur! Married can wait behind you!

Awe, is that like you have the perfect face for radio? LOL

It goes around the block several times FG. I really hate to get all mushy, but ... you know your personality is perfect for this medium and you have adoring fans galore! Fungirl's legion of fans...

:-) awe.

How could anyone, NOT adore fungirl? Hmmmm?

I adore you too my friend.

I know I do :)

Awe thanks sexy avatar

Awe RP, I can feel you there.<br />
<br />
M2BF, Is there even a line?

I'm in line! Am I too late to say that I think you're awesome?

Aud, yes it is my friend.<br />
<br />
Maybe mother I will do that.

LOL Smiley one.<br />
<br />
Awe Pamper.

Does the line start here? I am right behind pamperurft and I would be willing to bet that m2bf will be right behind me or trying to cut in line if anyone else jumps in there first.