Take One.

I want to be an actress! I really want to put out one of the talents I have. Acting, for me, isn't about the fame. Honestly, I could care less about hitting the big with some fancy company or organization or getting contracted with the top panchos. Acting is something I love to do because it's fun! I like being able to try some sort of new personality. To be able to be another person, or see how this certain character could possibly relate to me and my life. To hear the applause, to wear the costumes, just, the whole experience! Seeing my names in lights would be all the same pleasing as seeing it in the program of a simple school play. I hope to make a movie one day. Whether it be with my friends, or Johnny Depp.
zim zim
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4 Responses Apr 27, 2007

Acting seems like a beautiful art...though it'd be lovely not to be living in my friend's closet while pursuing my dream:D

I feel this way too about acting and screenwriting .I think maybe you should try acting in Indie films its not so hollywood probably easier to get into and lots of stars who started acting in indies are now in major motion pictures .

bravo for you! i agree 100% with everything you said. acting isn't about fame and all that fake crap. you get the true heart and soul of it. best of luck with that movie! ;)

That's great, I know what you mean. I want to act to, but everyone seems to think it's because I want the attention. No way--It's awesome to act!