i want to have a master that can take care of my *** - give my ******* all the attention and penetration it wants and more importantly, NEEDS. i have to play with my ******* regularly or i start to feel uneasy and just "off". when my ******* is getting plugged, fingered, ******, or cummed in, everything is ok. i'm feel at ease and natural. sometimes i feel like i need to get my ******* used all day and night. i love to fantasize about my *** getting passed around and having countless ***** taking turns ******* my **** ***. the best would be me and a few other anal ****** together, all of us getting our **** ******** stretched and used, all of us getting load after load deep in our *****. i would want to suck out all the *** out of all of the ****'s ******** and swallow it all up!
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3 Responses Aug 21, 2014

My kind of nasty fuckhole ****!

I know how you feel. I have had a couple of owners that I agreed to be their sissy bottom boi. My boipussy needs a lot of attention and my owners and their friends kept my boipussy wore out. It was great!!

oh yeah ! can I join the club ?