As a child, i loved legos. I built mansions for these little plastic figures to bask in all their little plastic glory.

I've never been wealthy. I've bounced from one unstable environment to the next, just wanting a break. sometimes we lived in large homes, some small. Never were they perfect. They were never a place that i could really classify as home.

I had this bathroom a couple houses ago that had comic strips all over the walls. They were all black and white and made the room look about twice the size it actually was. Sometimes i would pretend i was sitting in victorian tub with the shower head straight above me  and the ceiling was trey style and made with glass, and i would sit and soak in all my bubbles while splashing water out with my toes.

I've always wanted to build my own home. i had so many ideas for different designs. I figured if i could design a house to fit everything i wanted, why not do it for others? I'm going into college now for architecture in hopes of becoming a huge success and getting my victorian tub =).


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18-21, F
Jun 25, 2007