I Know Im Creative But What Do I Do With It? Helpppp

honestly...since i was little i loved to draw.... i love art all kinds though...such as photography, computer graphics, fashion, music, dance, choir, drama.... tons of arts.... im not a pro at any of them but i guess my trade is visual art, specifically drawing and i just recently took up a liking for painting. im gonna be nineteen soon and decided that by the time im twenty... i want to throw my very first art show... almost an experimental one, for family and friends and whoever wants to come.... no crazy hollywood event but just to be a learning experience.... i always have ideas for art but none of them are alike.... i have ideas for installations, painting, drawings, all kinds of stuff but none of its related which makes it hard to find a path. when i look at work of other artists i often see their work as being related. when i look at their work, i could tell that its by one artist...but out of all the drawings n stuff ive done everything is completely different. i love disneyy stuff so i like cartooning.... i like doing dark horror stuff... i love the fifties so i wanna do some rockabilly stuff and also the psychobilly romance horror stuff.... then when i think of doing stuff thats emotional i find myself doing cheesy work. HOW DO I FIND MY ART PATH!?!?!  i really want this show to not look out of control but at the same time be completely experimental and free not necessarily looking for great ratings but to be of great benefit to me as an artist.
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ok maybe not the answer you want.... 1.trust yourself and jus enjoy the fact that you are CREATING something, that in its self is the foundation. 2. Feel blessed that you are able to create so many different styles of art- appreciate that you are capable of so much. 3. block out ideas that make you critique your work so much that it takes the passion and joy for a bad ride... 4. drink tons of coffee stay up late and draw , paint - over and over and over.... 5. donot campare your work to others, always know your art is the “cats pajamas” - if you think your art is crap and you are frusrated or anything negative it will always be seen through your work by others......☆ p.s you dont have to take my advice- i just know what works for me......