On My Back....

I would always, at any opportunity, look up!! Still do and always will. I love laying down outside and staring at the sky. Night or day it doesn't matter. Body parts have been broken for walking around at night staring up!!! Finally when I realised 'it ain't going to happen' I discovered ...bring the sky down to me. I went to the most remote place I could find and laid down, stuck my feet in the air. Oh lord those millions of stars around my feet...and imagined that I was walking on the stars. ...don't knock it until you've tried it. Anyone else out there had a go??? Another time got the wrong day for a meteor shower and laid down on the roof of my car at silly o'clock....and hey presto!! I got it right and it was amazing! ...shame lots of others missed it. Thank you and God bless Sir Patrick Moore RIP X
JoulesPi JoulesPi
Dec 9, 2012