Defines Me

What more can we give to the world than what defines us? I look at all the stories, and things i ever wrote in admiration of how they reflect a part of me. My source of inspiration is Paulo Coelho, for he has an incredible sense of writing, he can reach your heart even when you think it's closed. I think i was mainly interested in writing since the age of 12, when i started writing a story that revolved about an insecure boy. The thing is that I hadn't noticed that i used chapters, which meant that it was more of a book than a story, and that surprised me. When you have such extreme passion for something then you should never let it go, but hold on to it until you can make sure that something good will come out of it. I choose the path of writing, for it's a way to touch the soul and perhaps cure it. My life was never a very interesting one, that for me is why i want to get out of my shell and start writing stories and books using imagination and creativity that i wish i was a character in. Reading and writing are two things that gurantee you with a better life. I hope that someday my passion becomes a job, a lifestyle.

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To live with passion is the greatest way to live. <3