Sinking In The Grey Area Of Life

Am at the end of my rope. I was living in a hippie community. I left and lack job skills. In between leaving the hippie community I lived traveling like a bohemian with different groups. We lived day to day and under radar. No 9-5, off the grid etc.

Now am out of both lifestyles and can't find work not even a fast food place will take me. I barely have enough money to get to a job interview if I even get one.

I am staying with a childhood abusers and have survived Domestic Abuse.

Both situations are killing me. I cut off the relationship with my ex for good now am living with pedophiles who molested me when I was younger and exploited me in different ways when I was younger. It was my drug addict ex who I tried to get off drugs or them. I tried sheltes they were had bed bugs and scabies ect. I REFUSE to go back to another one I will f* fo rmoney before I would consider that. WHich brinsg me to why am posting in this section.

I have tried to play it the right way : Send cover letters each unique to every place I apply and send my makeshift resume, I have hit the pavement door to door to door ECT. NOTHING. No work.

It is very emotional mentally stressful. I am a nervous wreck and feel am going to lose it.

I need to secure money so I can move away from theses people and places and set myself up to start college classes or a trade school. Something anything.
dyinginsidefawna dyinginsidefawna
26-30, F
Dec 1, 2012