Awful Monday

I had the worst fuucking start of the week anyone could have probably
Enjoy my dang story -_-

So im sitting in english class at 9AM for heavens sake, all tired and im correcting my grammer homework, there's these 2 boys that are always fighting one of the sit in front of me and the other next to me, the one in front was so mad that he wanted to aim at the boy next to me instead he aims at me. 
He punches me as hard as he can, oh my lord i heard my bone crack and i ffucking PANICKED, i stood up im like MY NOSE MY NOSE! (i had my hands on my face) and everyone was laughing at me! i remove my hands and i find blood all over my hands and the pain was HELL. Omg, you couldnt imagine!! I started to cry and the blood was still dripping and i had the biggest headache i've never had. I ran out of the classroom and i see the supervisor and principal coming running cuz they saw me crying and so lost and everything (my friend came to help) and she was worried sick and the blood started GUSHING out of my nose like a hose and they took my to the secretary's office and made me lie down and gave me ice, we were all worried if i had broken it or not, but after 3-4 hours i went back to class because my headache and bleeding stopped, but the pain in my nose didnt. Then when i come to the building and resume my classes, i hear that there's a rumor i broke my nose, all the teachers and students know about it, how awful. 
Now it's been almost a day, my nose is very swollen and in pain and my bump is huge! UGH.

And then I got my science grade, oh my god i've never gotten this low i was so disappointed in myself!
Im a really good student and the fact i did horrible in my test is so heartbreaking for me i got so mad. I have this thing where when I dont do well or feel guilty i trap myself and don't let myself have fun. But anyway, i kinda cheered up. 
dianeemarybouu dianeemarybouu
13-15, F
May 8, 2012