Am I Doing Something Wrong??? please tell me

I am not one of those high maintnence girls that expect their boyfriend to buy them stuff and to take them out all the time. It might sound like it right now but I am not.

So I treat my fiance like a god. I never pick on him for doing things wrong. I am so easy to get along with. I don't ***** around. He gets away with anything with me. I moved away from my family and friends to be with him. I gave up and sacrificed so much.

Me and him get home after work at the same time. I am the one who starts supper while he is relaxing. I shop for groceries after work. I do laundry while he is playing video games. I clean the house until it sparkles. I put a blanket on him when he is sick and cook him soup. I give him foot rubs when he is sore. I go and buy ice cream just because he mentioned that he really feels like it right now. I hold and kiss him every single day. I do these things because I want to do them and because I love him.

He loves me too, he loves me more than anything in the world. I know that. He shows his love just not as much as I do.

On Valentines day I expected flowers but I didnt get any. He got me a card but just because it was convinient. Because he was in the store anyway. My room mate is a total ***** she is a high maintenance girl she treats her man like total s**t he does everything for her she just sits around doing nothing but bitching around. She got a freaking huge bouquet of red roses for Valentines day. This is when I started to ask myself if I was doing something wrong.

He used to buy me flowers when we first started dating but that is years ago. He just has not done anything romantic for me in forever. And I treat him so good. All his friends tell him how lucky he is to have someone like me in his life. Everyone envies him but he does not seem to appreciate it. He is the kind of person that takes things for granted. And it hurts me.

This past March 8. It was national womans day. It is a holiday that is celebrated like Valentines day in my country back home. I was hinting and hinting to him that this special day is coming up and that I will phone my dad to remind him to buy flowers for mom. Year after year I hint and hint about that special day but he does not get it. Or not want to get it.

I dont wanna bring it up. I want him to do something romantic and show me that he appreciates me because he wants to and not because I said something. How do I make him appreciate me without being too obvious.

I never asked for I selfish for wanting to be appreciated. Am I asking for too much???

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2011

Bring it up. Mention how he doesn't do the things he used to and how you miss it. And watch romantic movies together. That always snaps my bf back into it.

You have 2 say something bc when u get married it dont change. dont do it all slack off a coupl days hel notice if he dont like it hel tel u n u tel him if he wants it done so bad do it himself. let him kno when u r upset n unhappy talk 2 him. n if u r mad b mad n let him c. u cant go round harboring years of angr n resentment it wil eventually blow up on u. n tel him u want flowrs 2 buy stuf 4 u when he is away so it lets u kno he loves u. n 2 b taken places 2 feel special. n u want romance mthrwise he wont kno.not a clue. trust that cuz i was like that.