Just Feel So Worthless.

i put everything into my relationships and i always seem to get hurt.
friends, lovers, family. doesnt matter who it is, but its like i am nothing to them.
i feel so used and so alone
when i try to speak my mind and tell people how i feel, i get told that i am selfish.
it just breaks my heart.
sometimes i just dont know what to do anymore.

sweetsie sweetsie
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 3, 2011

im not saying this applies to you, but in the past ive realized desperation, or rather loneliness has compelled me to overlook certain aspects about a person when i was in a relationship with them.<br />
Its taken me a while to see this, but from now on ill act on it if it happens again.<br />
If people are letting you down, then i dont need to know you or know them to tell you that you shouldnt have let them into your world in the first place. Perhaps your reason for this is identical to mine, and if so, then my advice to you is to take some time to be by yourself, dont rush it, and dont ever feel like you need to accommodate people. Be yourself and be clear about what you want from a relationship. Dont settle for 2nd best and dont ever feel like your the one with the problem. I took the time to view your profile before i commented on your story, and you seem like a solid person with a lot to offer. so remember that :)

thank you for taking the time to reply =)
Your words mean a lot and are very inspiring. I guess I just don't want to end up alone, so I;m not as selective as I should be. Its hard for me to make friends / meet people that maybe I rush into things. Its a lot to think about...