I Want To Be Appreciated

I do so many things during the day, these things help people to be much more comfortable in what they do.I make lifes easy. I DO!! Every day, and every single person around me searchs for my mistakes. I can build the whole house but they will find a small tiny hole in a wall in a corner of the house and show me that. Ignoring all I do right , people enjoy to talk about what I do wrong, what I couln't think of, what I couldn't even spell. That makes them happy.
I hate them when they do that. I hate them because they are stupid, I hate them because they think they can judge me, they can not because THEY ARE STUPİD. !!!! They can not show a single thing that they have managed alone. I hate them to try to beat me while they don't have the inteligence to do that.
arzu123 arzu123
Apr 24, 2012