I Guess Ill Save My Kindness For Someone Else..

My ex and I are still living together n still seeing eachother. But he has always had an anger problem and never notices everything I do. Even with a pretty much debilitating tummy condition I still do a lot n I still get told I do nothing. Or that my kindness is anoying. But then ten minutes later hes sweet on me. I think he's bipolar because well my mother and brother have the diagnosis n he treats me as bad as them. so I try to stay around n be understanding of his constant mood swings, of his abuse and try to know its not his fault n no one deserves to be given up on. I'm a Buddhist so I practice patience daily. But every day he says something so hurtful and devistating to the soul. I feel my spirits breaking as we speak. :'( I just want someone even a friend or a family member to give me some love and affection, i get zero affection. My heart hurts every day.
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Well all need and deserve love and affection - if we aren't fulfilled in that then we have to make the first step for better relationships

Ya that's true. I just can't give up on people because I know how it feels to be given up on :'(

i feel that there are always ways to improve existing relationships for the better - i truly hope you can find this for yourself :)

Thank u!


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