I Want To Be Arrested By A Female Cop

I actually just posted this story in another group, but I'll try to recreate it here. Ever since I was a little boy I have always wanted to be arrested by a female police officer. I'm not sure where it comes from, and I've never done anything to warrant being arrested; I don't even speed when I drive. But all through my childhood, into my teenage years, adulthood and now nearing middle age, I have always wanted to be arrested by a uniformed female police officer, though I would want to do so without facing any actual charges or having a record.

In my mind it's always this way - a female police officer in uniform tells me I am under arrest. She handcuffs me behind my back, searches me, then walks me to her police car. She puts me in the police car and drives me to jail, where I am put through the booking process by her and another female officer, then placed in a holding cell for a few hours before being released without charges.

Anyway, if anyone here knows a female police officer who might be willing to put me through this process, even if it's only part of it, such as being searched, handcuffed, and driven in the police car a short time, I would really like to hear from you. Even part of this experience would be better than none of it.

I've always thought this was a pretty strange thing to want, and again I've never had any desire at all to commit a crime, in fact I am compulsive follower of rules. But somehow, I've just never been able to shake wanting to be arrested by a female police officer. If you've had this same thought, I'd like to hear from you as well.

Thank you for this site and this community.
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I've actually had this exact fantasy for as long as I can remember too. One day it actually happpened. I'll give you a truncated version of it here. I was sitting in my car outside of a movie theater waiting friend to show up. Apparently my car matched a guy's car who had held up three stores earlier that morning and I fit the description a little I guess. I remember seeing a bunch of police cars that pulled up out of nowhere and I thought, "I wonder what's going on here." Little did I know they were for me. A male officer ordered me out of the car at gun point while others stood by their cars with their guns drawn as well. A female officer approached me told me to put my hands on my head and face away from her. She handcuffed me behind my back. I was kind of freaking out a little bit since I had no idea why I was being arrested. She told me to calm down and explained the situatuion. I assured her that it wasn't me. One of the employees from a store that was held up came out to identify me and confirmed I was not the robber. After about 20 minutes or so I was released from my handcuffs and sent on my way. Traumatic at the time...but exciting in hindsight. I think the experience has only made me fantasize even more about this kind of stuff. I've never been in any sort of trouble my whole life, but I would for something like this to happen again. Weird, I know...

Wow, that was intense. Did the female officer search you? If the store employee told the police it wasn't you, then why were you in handcuffs for 20 minutes? Did they put you in a police car? I have to say, you were very lucky, with all those male officers around it was a female who actually handled you. I doubt I would have been so fortunate.
Obviously I don't think it's weird that you want this to happen to you. Imagine how much more intense it would be for you if you had been driven by the female officer to jail and then put in a cell before they realized they had the wrong guy.

As for getting in trouble, obviously that would be a huge risk and expense getting arrested for real, even if it were for something minor, and there's no guarantee a woman would be the one arresting you. If it were not a problem, I would have gotten arrested for real a long time ago, but like you, I've never been in any real trouble.

I appreciate you sharing this with me. Do you notice you have a lot of female officers where you live?

Yeah I'm not sure why I was handcuffed for so long after the employee said it wasn't me. I guess they just had to go through the motions and be sure at that point. I wish it had lasted longer in hindsight. It would have been more fun if I had been shackled or been put in a waist chain too. Unfortunately the male officer searched me. Yeah there's a good mix of male and female cops here.

hey bud, I have the same fantasy. I would love to be arrested by a hot female cop. And I would love it to be the same way as you. Glad you got your dream to come true. Hope it could happen to me some day!

I actually haven't yet had this happen to me. I keep hoping to find a way to set it up but nothing seems to work out. I'm glad other people have the fantasy, but it can be pretty relentless. I hope it happens to you sometime and I can't wait to hear about it if it does.

saw this photo under the article "10 Reasons People Intentionally Get Arrested" where this guy was put in handcuffs by some very very gorgeous looking female cops! especially the one on the left. My gosh I would love to be arrested by her! Anyway, I hope it happens to both of us some day.

Yes, I have seen the writer of that article has quoted my Experience Project stuff, which is weird because I haven't been arrested, so I don't really fit into "10 Reasons People Intentionally Get Arrested." But yes, I've seen that picture, and unfortunately that is not me in the picture. I am with you completely though; the policewoman on the left would be my first choice of those four as well. From what I'm told about the photo, the man was arrested for charity and the cop who is second from left was the one who actually handcuffed him.

All four of them seemed to be in on it while arresting the man. I tried to look up the photo and where it came from, but it said "This Page Does Not Exist". So I have still wondered how that all happened. And I would love to meet those four officers and get arrested, booked, and searched by them. :)

Could you imagine getting searched four times by those policewomen, and then put in a police car? I would think that guy has quite a memory even though they probably didn't search him at all.

that would be so amazing, i don't know how i would react.

I would probably be in such a state of disbelief it was actually happening I wouldn't even feel it until the third or fourth search. I would probably be shaking a little though. Sometimes I also wonder if I would rather the female officer handcuff me before she searches me or after she searches me, but I would take it either way.

so would I

How powerful are your feelings about this? Have you ever thought about taking part in a protest or something like that to get arrested?

i would if i was guarenteed to be arrested by a really good looking female officer.

I've thought about that as well, but there would be no guarantees a female would do the arrest. I always thought I could gravitate toward any female who responded but even that doesn't guarantee she would be the one taking me in, plus even when you're arrested for protesting there are still charges filed.

that's the worst part. but I may give it a try if I ever saw the opertunity and it would be great if I was just thoroughly searched by a female.

Sometimes when you go to sporting events or big events like concerts they search you when you go in, or so I'm told. You could try to get in a line where there is a female security guard and maybe get searched that way. You could try doing a ride along - a lot of communities offer these for citizens - and see if it's possible to get a female officer and then if you get along with her you could ask her to search you. Just suggestions.

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Hi Kpip2422,<br />
Thank you for responding to my post! I loved your narrative; I hope your charges were nothing serious and it's unfortunate you didn't get the full arrest from this woman - the patdown, the handcuffs, etc. I really could feel it the way you told it, and I appreciate it. I know it wouldn't be worth fulfilling because of the legal issues, but this has been a very powerful need for me ever since I was very young. Thank you again.

i have the same fantasy of wanting to be arrested by a female cop i would go thrugh everything they would put me through as long as my record stays clean. id even spend the night for the heck of it.

hey everybody has their fantasies, and urs isn't so strange.

hey everybody has their fantasies, and urs isn't so strange.