Let's Talk About Beauty For a Moment

In my life, I have seen a great many beautiful things.  I have seen gorgeous sunsets over the mountains where at one moment, it felt like the sun was reaching out to touch me.  I have seen the moon so big and so bright that it felt like I could step onto it from my world.

What is beauty?  What does it mean to us?  In my thoughts, beauty is a feeling associated with a visual display.  It is something that not only touches your sight, but your soul.

Do new trendy clothes, makeup fads, and pretty eyes make someone beautiful?  Not in my opinion.  I call this the "outward pretty", but it is not beauty.

True beauty is something that radiates from inward.  I have seen some beautiful women with hearts so big that they would do anything to make someone smile. They existed near me without ever trying to use their outward pretty to get something from me or to make me do something. They spoke well, they used their manners and they were, in fact beautiful people.  They didn't listen to music because everyone else was, but because it moved them.  They didn't wear clothes because they wanted to show the world their angst or upset or that they belonged to a clique.  Their clothes were tasteful and amplified them.

I have also met beautiful men.  Your reaction to that statement will decide whether you are beautiful or not.  Yes, men can be beautiful to me, other men, women and the world.  These men take time to enjoy their life. They enjoy the sound of their woman's voice, rather than treating her like an object.  These men, although capable of being aggressive and loud, choose to reserve that for when it is needed in defense and are soft-spoken and gentle. 

The question is what am I getting at here?  The world is beautiful because it does not try to be beautiful. It takes care of us, it harms us, but it is always genuine. 

Are you a dark person? Is your soul or heart dark? Then, be dark and you are beautiful to me.

Are you sunny and happy inside?  Then be sunny and happy and you will be beautiful to me.

What is inside was never meant to be buried or overshadowed by what is on the outside.  It is supposed to be amplified by your outward appearance.

Society loves to place these constraints on us and tell us: "You have to wear this, be a part of this clique, use this makeup, etc.  or you cannot be beautiful."  For the men, it's "You have to act this macho, be disrespectful to women, have no appreciation for your fellow man, or you can't be beautiful or good."

Society is twisted and sometimes plain out stupid.  Look at the baby boy or girl. They are innocent, wearing no makeup, no clothes, have no cliques or worries about with whom they belong.  They are just beautiful.  They are beautiful because they are alive, because they are a creature who breathes, laughs, cries and exists.

The cliché will be said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  Look at yourself, not only the outward but the inward and ask yourself, is this beauty in my eyes?. 

Thank you for reading.


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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

i am really amazed by your opinion!!!thank you!!

thanxs for sharing..i really needed to read a story like this..

The "are you dark hearted/light hearted - you're still beautiful" part really touched me. Maybe because I am very aware that I have both in my heart and the idea of both sides still being beautiful is hopeful.<br />
<br />
Very beautiful writings