Let's Talk About Assumptions For a Moment.

Assumptions, they are as plentiful as the stars in the night sky.  It is the trait of a lazy creature to assume something without knowing all of the details of that thing. Yet, we all still do it...over and over again, making assumptions out of haste, envy, hatred, love, etc.

First let's look at some reasons why we would make assumptions.  The first of course is, and we all should admit it, laziness.  It is for this reason that we skim our fellow person and try to find "highlight points" to form an opinion off of. 

Frequently, I hear younger people (and older ones at times) say "I hate her." or "I hate him" and when that person is asked to expound on the reasons for their hate they often, if not each time, give a very limited answer such as "They think they're all that." or "Well, just look at them! They try to act good, but I know they're not."  Women do this to each other constantly. I have even heard my own wife say that she hates another woman (whom she just met, mind you) because she is pretty.

The depth of their humanity is lost in these assumptions.  The true flavor of what and who they are cannot be found because the outward is so important, that the inward is missed entirely.  When one says that someone "thinks they are all that" they have not noticed the tears that this person cries at midnight, wondering if they're good enough, or if they'll ever amount to anything.

When one makes the comment "They try to act good, but they're not." They have no idea that this person would go out of their way to save or take care of the very same person who hates them for no good reason.

The second reason is that, regardless of how many times we hear not to do so, we constantly judge a book by its cover.  The kid who walks down the street, looking everyone in the eye and bowing up to act tough, is in reality feeling as low and powerless as he has ever felt.  The girl who is constantly snubbing her nose at everyone and acting as if she is the first pretty girl on the planet, has self-esteem issues and constantly calls herself fat while she cries and beats her head against the mirror.

What I am getting at is that the world is full of so much depth and what is seen on the surface is a facade. It is a mask to hide behind for each one of us.  We use assumptions in the direct and the reverse.  We make them against other people, and we personify them in order to hide what we are truly feeling.

So, the next time that you see the man or woman who "has it all together", look deeper, in their eyes and you'll see the person screaming for comfort.  We won't all get along, but we can all still enjoy each other without forming ridiculous opinions to make ourselves feel better about hating someone for no good reason.

Thanks for reading.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

In the case of the confession board we are forced to make assumpitons based on very limited information. It is very rare that with enough time a person doesn't result in fascinating me to some degree. I like what you said and I concur.